Our Services

Marine Insurance Warranty Surveys
Once equipment is identified we can carry out On-hire Surveys to establish the condition of each piece of marine equipment to be used, thus establishing the condition of the vessel in general and specifically cargo areas so they can be returned to the same condition at the end of the project (Off-Hire) and subject to charter agreements, calculate the fuel quantities existing on tugs or cargo vessels at the commencement of that phase of the project and on completion

Suitability and On-Hire Surveys
Experienced personnel with a solid track record accepted by Marine Underwriters.  We can do the surveying for loading and securing of the project and perform inspections to ensure that other contractors have followed instructions for loading and unloading project cargo.  And carry out Tow Approval Inspections.

Major Vessel Casualties
We can conduct onboard investigations in incidents of grounding, collision, fire, capsizing, machinery and cargo damages, including general average.

Technical Representation

For the ship-owner in shipyards and repair facilities for new construction, repairs and scheduled dry dockings.Type your paragraph here.